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About Our Puppies

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As the breeder I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at this breeder’s discretion.  Breeder also reserves the right to first picks of any litter before puppies are offered to off farm placements.  Farmstead Aussies will welcome any puppy or dog produced back to the Farmstead with open arms for any reason.  No refunds expressed or implied, just a lifelong commitment to our Aussies. 

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As a responsible Australian Shepherd dog breeder who offers quality puppies for sale, thank you for viewing about our puppies.

Our puppies are born in the farm house and participate in Early Neurological Stimulation during their first two weeks of daily handling.  Puppies are exposed to household stimulations, socialize and play with humans and other dogs before moving to the nursery, around 4-5 weeks of age. 

The nursery is the hub of LS Farmstead, puppies are surrounded by the many sights sounds and smells of horses & donkeys, pigs, goats, chickens and even a cat.   Whatever is happening on the Farmstead they are right in the middle of it at center stage. 

Puppies will have been dewormed, have a veterinary exam with our veterinarian, professional K9 eye exam, be microchipped, and first shot before leaving the Farmstead.    Puppies are placed as non-breeding family members with spay or neuter agreements, litters are registered AKC and ASCA.   All puppies are $2,500 in cost, please see our Health Guarantee.   Potential puppy placements will be, determined using the puppy questionnaire and in-person, email or phone conversations.    

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