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Farmstead Meats & More...

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Individual Cuts are available for local delivery or farm pick-up, please contact us for ordering and availability.

May thru October you can find us at South Valley Farmers Market

Saturdays 10 am-2 pm Cottage Grove, Oregon. 

We are Excited to announce in 2024 we are partnering with an Oregon USDA processor that states,

"We do not use any pre-formulated spice kits for our products. Our sausages are made per batch with whole spices. We do not use any fillers, binders or flavor enhancers. We use fresh spices, blended for each batch by hand. We are the only USDA processor in our region who uses whole spices". 

Due to this change Custom boxes will be available in leu of whole and half hogs using our standard cuts and cures to fill your needs.

Goat Roast Stew & Grind expected to be available early 2024.


2023 Individual Pork Cuts Price List                                    Updated 12-10-23

Cut Description   

Bacon or ends/pieces   

Canadian Bacon (Celery Cure)

Pork Belly

Loin Roast

Petite Ham & Ham Steaks

Sausage (No MSG added) 

Ground Pork  


Spare Ribs

Back Ribs  

Boneless Pork Chops (2/pkg)

Shoulder Steak

Shoulder Roast

Ham & Cheese Snack Sticks

Pork Strips Jerky 

Ham Hock

Garlic Pork Links (Celery Cure)

Pet Food

Marrow Bones / Soup Bones 




Price Per Pound/Pack

00.00 sold out

$15.00 pack

$10.00 lb

$11.00 lb

$12.00 lb

$11.00 lb

$11.00 lb

00.00 sold out


$10.00 lb

$12.00 lb

$12.00 lb

00.00 sold out

$12.00 pack

$12.00 pack

$9.00 lb

$15.00 pack

$7.00 lb

$12.00 bag

00.00 sold out

00.00 sold out

Please check back periodically for unavailable cuts, hogs continually go to Market.

Our Pork is farmstead born and raised right here in Willamette Valley Oregon.

We feed ground grains from another Oregon Farm near Sweet Home,

Alongside Local Orchard Grass Hay. 

We do not use commercial feeds with Growth Hormones or Antibiotics Added. 

We do glean veggies and fruits from the Farmstead, friends, and neighbors while in season.

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